December 2019

Rise Up With Wings As Eagles – Sermon by Rev. Ken Pippin

Finish Strong – Bible Study by Elder Tim Brown

November 2019

Suffering As A Christian

October 2019

Rest & Relaxation

Trim Your Lamp – Elder Lyn Wedderburn


September 2019

The Blood of Jesus – taught by Elder Lyn Wedderburn

Peace or Anxiety … Your Choice


August 2019

Wait For The Lord


Do Not Judge? — taught by Deacon Norris Parker


Hell – preached by Elder Lyn Wedderburn

This message on Hell was preached by Elder Lyn Wedderburn while Pastor Tim was on vacation.

Fight For Your Family

July 2019

A New Thing – Missionary Jack Simon

June 2019

Changed from the Inside Out – A Father’s Day Message by Pastor Jan

Surrounded – Pastor Kevin Deck – MOAG 30th Anniversary Celebration Service


MOAG 30th Anniversary – Memories from Previous Pastors & Others