Online Giving

You may give your tithes, offerings and donations easily and securely by using the form below. Simply enter the amount you wish to give and select the fund you wish to give it to. You may give any amount to as many funds as you would like. Choose the “+ Add Gift” button to designate additional amounts to additional funds.
Besides one time gifts, you may also set up a recurring donation if you would like to do so. If you plan to give on a regular basis, you may also set up an account to make future giving easier.
You can also give on our church app on your mobile device.


(Please be aware that a fee will be deducted from your amount by our online offering processing company. This fee is 1% for e-checks and 3% for credit cards. Although it is certainly not necessary, you can choose to pay the fee in addition to your gift. Whether you pay the fee or not, you will still get giving credit for the full amount of your gift.)