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July 2017

What Is Faith Anyway?

Pastor Jan preaches to the Lighthouse Youth.

Overcoming Doubt With Faith


June 2017

Worry About Nothing; Pray About Everything


OTS30 Isaiah, Part 1


A Definition of a Good Father

A Father’s Day Message

Can We Trust The Bible?


Confidence in Prayer


OTS29 Introduction to the Prophets


How to Have Courage

A Pentecost Sunday Message

May 2017

OTS28 Song of Solomon


So Send I You

A message by Missionary Alister Belbin.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

A Bible Study by Elder Lyn Wedderburn

The Little Foxes

A message by guest speaker Ken Pippin.

OTS27 Ecclesiastes


A Sincere Faith

A Mother’s Day Sermon

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Our Eyes Are On You

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