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July 2018

The Test: The Faithfulness of God – Nathaniel Pusey

This sermon was delivered by one of our young people: Nathaniel Pusey. He recently returned from a missions trip to Honduras.

Genesis 16: Abraham: Abram & Lot Separate


Walking With God

Genesis 15: Abraham: A Test of Faith

Fresh Outpouring 4: Believe – Pastor Jamie Jones

Fresh Outpouring 3: The Valley – Pastor Jamie Jones

Fresh Outpouring 2: The Process of Promotion – Pastor Jamie Jones

Fresh Outpouring 1: Expectation – Pastor Jamie Jones

Seeking A Fresh Outpouring

June 2018

Genesis 14: Abraham: Call & Covenant

God’s Wondrous Works

Genesis 13: Abraham: Beginning A Life Of Faith & Obedience

God’s Promises: By His Wounds You Have Been Healed


May 2018

Share Your Faith 6: Don’t Wait For An Angel!

God’s Promises: Whatever You Ask In My Name

Our Eyes Are On You


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The Most Important Things


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