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November 2018

Trust God To Do What Is Good

Genesis 31: Abraham: Living By Faith Dying In Faith

The Persecuted Church

October 2018

Genesis 30: Abraham: A Bride for Isaac

How to Live in an Out of Control World

Genesis 29: Abraham: Isaac and Jesus

It Is What It Is

A Sermon by Pastor Jan McIntyre

Genesis 28: Abraham: Faith That Pleases God

UnStuck Series 9: Financial Bondage

Genesis 27: Abraham: Passing the Test

UnStuck Series 8: Relationship Rut

September 2018

Genesis 26: Abraham: Healing Broken Relationships

UnStuck Series 7: Self-Condemnation

Genesis 25: Abraham: A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry

UnStuck Series 6: Guilt

Our Eyes Are On You


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