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March 2019

Joshua 8: Whose Side Are You On?


Genesis 39: Jacob: Jacob’s Prosperity

Joshua 7: Preparation for Victory


Genesis 38: Jacob: Jacob’s Children

Joshua 6: What Do These Stones Mean?


February 2019

Genesis 37: Jacob: Jacob’s Wives

The God Who Sees Me

Women’s Ministry Day message by Pastor Jan McIntyre

Genesis 36: Jacob: A Personal Encounter With God

Joshua 5: Crossing the Jordan


Joshua 4: The Faith of a Prostitute


Genesis 35: Jacob: The Great Deception

Joshua 3: Be Strong and Courageous


January 2019

Genesis 34: Jacob: The Faith of His Father

Joshua 2: The Foundation For Success


Genesis 33: Jacob: Esau Sells His Birthright

Our Eyes Are On You


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The Most Important Things


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