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April 2019

Genesis 43: Jacob: Wrestling With God

Joshua 10: Devoted To Destruction


Genesis 42: Jacob: Facing Your Fears

To The Ends Of The Earth

The concluding message to Missions Convention 2019

Fishing in the Dead Sea

Missionary Guests Keith & Lynn Turcotte share about their motorcycle chaplaincy ministry and Keith preaches about our privilege and responsibility to “Fish in the Dead Sea.” This message is part of our 2019 Missions Convention, the theme of which is “To The Ends Of The Earth.”

March 2019

Genesis 41: Jacob: A Difficult Confrontation, Part 2


Joshua 9: Steps to Victory


Genesis 40: Jacob: A Difficult Confrontation, Part 1

Joshua 8: Whose Side Are You On?


Genesis 39: Jacob: Jacob’s Prosperity

Joshua 7: Preparation for Victory


Genesis 38: Jacob: Jacob’s Children

Joshua 6: What Do These Stones Mean?


February 2019

Genesis 37: Jacob: Jacob’s Wives

The God Who Sees Me

Women’s Ministry Day message by Pastor Jan McIntyre

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