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October 2019

Genesis 61: Joseph: Jacob Says Goodbye

September 2019

Disciple 4: Making Disciples


Genesis 60: Joseph and the Famine

Disciple 3: The Growth of a Disciple


Genesis 59: Joseph: Jacob Moves to Egypt

Disciple 2: The Commitment of a Disciple


Genesis 58: Joseph Provides For His Family

Disciple 1: Who Is A Disciple?


The Blood of Jesus – taught by Elder Lyn Wedderburn

Peace or Anxiety … Your Choice


August 2019

Genesis 57: Joseph Tests His Brothers

Wait For The Lord


Do Not Judge? — taught by Deacon Norris Parker


Hell – preached by Elder Lyn Wedderburn

This message on Hell was preached by Elder Lyn Wedderburn while Pastor Tim was on vacation.

Fight For Your Family

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